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Go fiber with AT&T internet

AT&T internet Chicago now goes fiber optic when it comes to the internet connections. AT&T high-speed internet Chicago offers a 100% network of fiber optic connections that delivers incredible speeds for the internet and amazing TV experience with the TV package.

With the use of the fiber-optic connections, a second is all it needs to download as many as 25 songs. This super-fast speed downloads faster than you can select or adjust the volume of your songs. A full HD movie can take 34 seconds to download which can be as fast as or faster than selecting them.

Best cheap internet Chicago plans can also be availed from AT&T when the price is the issue. All you need to know before selecting the plan you can afford and want is its availability in your area. These affordable plans also offer fast internet speed tiers, the highest of which is 75 Mbps. With this kind of downstream speed, multiple users and devices can easily go online at the same time, all the time, every time, everywhere.

All internet plan subscriptions include automatic access to the company’s WiFi hotspots located around the country. Using WiFi compatible devices means staying connected wherever you will be from bus and train stations, airports, cafes, restaurants or almost everywhere. Using this unlimited WiFi access also saves you data usage on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Other than the high-speed internet connections, you get worry-free services you can count on every time you want to go online. Streaming movies, videos, and shows, chatting, working away from the office, shopping or doing everything else you need to do online is fast, easy, reliable, and convenient with AT&T internet services.

Bundling up your internet services with TV from AT&T is a smart way of saving a bundle. With the U-verse TV and internet bundle you get the following advantages:

Rather have DirecTV instead of U-verse TV? You can by bundling up your TV and an internet package with AT&T. Call us today to find out how.