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Baja broadband cable offers high-speed internet connections based on every consumer’s needs and wants. Baja broadband in Chicago offers residents data, fast internet, and voice services that are flexible and varied to suit everyone’s budget and online needs.

Internet speed tier offers from Baja range from a basic downstream speed of 5 Mbps to blazing-fast 100 Mbps. 5 Mbps will be the perfect speed to opt for when your online lifestyle is casual and light such as daily email checking, some streaming, and a little browsing. However, when the digital lifestyle is all about streaming, downloading, chatting, shopping, gaming, and more, choosing higher speed tiers such as the 100 Mbps will be the smartest choice to make.

You get all these advantages when you sign up for any internet plan with Baja:

Living in remote places can oftentimes be frustrating especially when your computer starts to act up. Keeping your computer optimized holds the key to low-maintenance and convenience. Baja understands this situation which has made the company offer a unique customer and PC service for a small monthly fee of $12.95.

By adding this unique service to your internet plan, you get to enjoy these features:

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