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Have it all Bright House cable internet packages

Bright House in Chicago offers TV, the internet, and home phone packages to locals who want to have it all. Enhancing your digital lifestyle will always be possible by signing up to all Bright House offers from the high-speed internet, Premiere TV, and Unlimited home phone.

The zero contracts you get from Bright House give you all the chance to upgrade your package anytime you want. Standalone plans include:

$35 a month for High-speed internet

Choosing this standalone internet plan from Bright House gives a high-speed downstream speed of 25 Mbps along with free security suite from McAfee. With this kind of speed, surfing, gaming, and streaming will be fast, easy, and convenient.

$64 a month for Premiere TV

Enhance your TV entertainment with this Premiere TV plan from Bright House. Included in the package is free HD for the hundreds of channels to choose from. A user-friendly program guide to make it easy for you to navigate your way through the channels and the large On Demand library also go with the package.

$49.95 a month for unlimited home phone

The home phone plan includes all traditional and well-loved phone features along with a unique offer of free text messaging. Calls you want to make around the country is unlimited as well.

While standalone plans are good, saving money on your digital bills is even better. Triple play packages from Bright House will not only give you three great services every home needs to have, it will also save you money and the convenience of having one monthly bill for all.

$94 a month for Triple Bundle of the Internet, TV, and home phone from Bright House

Opting for the triple play package meets all the digital needs you want right in your home. Make your living room theater-like with the TV package as it offers an array of hundreds of free HD channels. Speed up your online lifestyle with the 25 Mbps downstream speed you get from an internet connection. Call all your loved ones located around the country anytime, all the time with the unlimited nationwide call feature from the home phone.

Have it all with Bright House cable offers by checking us out today.