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Budget-friendly Cable One internet packages

One of the biggest cable and internet providers in the country is Cable One that serves 19 different states including Illinois. Cable One in Chicago offers locals the opportunity to get the best digital services to include home phone, the internet, and cable at budget-friendly prices.

The internet plans and packages are varied to suit everyone’s digital lifestyle and budget to include:

$35 a month for downstream speed of 50 Mbps

Get to enjoy the downstream speed of 50 Mbps with an upstream speed of 3 Mbps that can easily handle multiple device video streaming. 20 email addresses are included in the plan as well.

$75 a month for downstream speed of 60 Mbps

The higher downstream speed of 60 Mbps along with the upstream speed of 4 Mbps easily speeds up all your online activities to make it fun and enjoyable. Allowed 20 email addresses are included as well as a reliable connection you can count on anytime and every time you need it.

$100 a month for downstream speed of 70 Mbps

This highest internet speed offer would be the perfect choice for avid gamers who want to be in the middle of the action minus lags and buffers. The upstream speed of 6 Mbps together with the super-fast downstream speed of 70 Mbps lets you do all the streaming, gaming, downloading, uploading, shopping, photo-sharing, chatting, and more quickly and easily.

An additional monthly charge of $8 covers lease of either a wired or wireless modem. Renting out the modem means powerful internet speeds every time you have the need for it without worrying about the issues related to equipment usage. An expert professional handles all the installation upon signing up for this extra service.

The 24/7 customer care service from Cable One makes sure that all your internet connection problems are addressed and resolved immediately. The zero contract and terms of obligation mean that services can be canceled anytime you are unhappy with it.

Get the price rate and speed tier that perfectly fits your budget and online activity by calling us today.