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CenturyLink internet gives fast online connections every time you want it. CenturyLink cable internet plans and packages can connect all your devices at home from PCs, tablets, smartphones, and laptops without buffer and lag. The high-speed plans offered would fit perfectly in busy households as they listen and download music, watch videos and movies, gaming, shopping, chatting, surfing, and doing just about everything online all the time, 24/7.

Tech expert customer care service also gives 24/7 service to help you with any encountered internet glitches and problems. The Advanced Networking modem is equipment you get upon signing up as a great way to make everything you do online safe and secure. A far advanced security protection is an option that can be added to any subscribed plan and package with CenturyLink.

The direct internet connection you get to enjoy with CenturyLink makes you fulfill all your online needs minus the worry about shared bandwidth usage with your neighborhood. This does away with the frustration of experiencing slow internet connections, especially during peak hours.

If it’s the best TV entertainment you want to have right in your living room, signing up with CenturyLink can also give you a DirecTV and high-speed internet package. With DirecTV, viewing will be enjoyed to the highest level as family members watch all their favorite shows and movies. Included with DirecTV plans are sports events, On Demand movies, NFL Sunday Ticket, and out-of-market Sunday Sports coverage.

A DVR that comes with a DirecTV package means you’ll never have to miss out on anything important happening on TV. The DVR gives you the ability to record up to 5 programs at the same time which you can watch later at any room in the home or, with the use of a mobile device, watch anywhere in the world.

Going triple play with CenturyLink includes DirecTV, high-speed internet, and the home phone. The Home phone includes unlimited local calls with reasonable rates for international calls. The phone you get has all the popular features such as Caller ID, Voice Mail, 3-way Calling, No solicitation, Call Waiting ID, and a lot more.

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