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TDS internet service answers all your digital needs

TDS internet plans and packages answer all you digitally need in Chicago. Offered packages are for TV, high-speed internet, and the home phone.

TDS internet prices vary depending on need and budget. Check out these great internet offers and rates from TDS to get the one that will work for you:

$44.95 a month for Extreme 25 Prime fiber-optic internet connections

$44.95 a month for Extreme Prime

$24.95 a month for Express Prime

Other fantastic service offers you can avail from TDS include:

$5.95 a month for online back-up

$5.95 a month for Adult identity protection

$4.95 a month for Child identity protection

$4.95 a month for TDS internet security

$2.95 a month for Hacker alert

$12.95 a month for Remote PC Support

Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Call us today to get the right TDS package for all your digital needs.