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Verizon home internet power-ups

Verizon internet plans can be customized according to your needs and budget. Verizon wireless internet connections are the future’s access to the internet as it power ups all your online needs. With FiOs internet connections from Verizon, your home gets the ultimate internet, TV, and home phone connections that are unmatched by any other.

Check out these Verizon internet prices and speed tiers to get the one you need and afford:

$54.99 a month for 50/50 Mbps

$64.99 a month for 100/100 Mbps

$74.99 a month for 150/150 Mbps

Level up more by getting two or three FiOs services. Custom TV packages include all the exciting movies, shows, sports, news, and more with the wide array of channels ranging from more than 255 to more than 425! Be more entertained by choosing either the Extreme HD or Ultimate HD TV plans that max out the TV experience.

Grab the chance to get unlimited local and national calls with the home phone plan when it is included with either a FiOs internet or TV package.

Get the extreme FiOs digital experience plans and packages by calling us today.