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Windstream internet plans to complement all your online needs

Windstream internet offers subscribers two super-fast internet connections to complement all their online needs. Why only two internet plans from the company unlike the wide array of speed tiers offered by other internet service providers?

Windstream has established a solid reputation in providing excellent and reliable internet connections for online businesses with customized speed tiers to match all their digital needs. The exceptional services such as cloud storage data, IT, and 24/7 technical support all further pushed Windstream to occupy the top slot when it comes to business internet connections.

Based on this sterling reputation Windstream has decided to go into the market for home internet connections. This first foray towards residential online connections created two fast internet plans to answer all residential online needs such as gaming, surfing, browsing, streaming HD movies, shopping, video chatting, downloading files, and more.

All online needs are not created equal. Windstream internet prices match the two internet plans offered to give the following benefits:

Here are the two internet plan offers from Windstream:

Standard internet

The Standard internet plan covers all online basic needs for occasional users that only use the net to check emails, do a little surfing and browsing, a little gaming, and a little streaming of HD movies. The downstream speed of 6 Mbps guarantees fast and reliable connection to all the basic needs of a ‘light’ user.

Enhanced internet

Several notches higher speed tier is offered in the Enhanced internet plan with the downstream speed of 25 Mbps. With this super-fast internet speed, expect to seamlessly check numerous emails, surf and browse, shop, game, photo-share, download, stream movies and music all you want, all the time, every time.

The best way to save more on your digital bills is to bundle your services to include the internet, TV, and home phone. Windstream offers the best TV experience because of their partnership with Dish TV. Combining Dish TV to an internet plan with Windstream gives you a monthly $5 rebate from your bill continuously as long as you stay with the company.

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